Participants may enter the competition representing a school or as an independent student.

Register Early! It is highly recommended to apply as early as possible, as only a limited number of applicants can be accepted. Applications will be processed in order of the date received. Registration will close when a venue has reached its maximum capacity. Applications received after this time will be placed on a waiting list, with no guarantee of participation.

Registration Checklist:

  • Click here to create your account
  • Complete the application form, adding all of your entries
  • Complete the waiver form
  • Make your payment (Payment is due in full at the time of registration. Please note that unpaid applications will not be processed)
  • Carefully review all information in your application

CDC assumes no responsibility for errors made on applications. Feel free to contact CDC by phone or email for assistance or additional information. We’re always happy to help.

Registration fees are posted on the registration site. These are accessible only to school/dance studio administrators. Click here to create your account.

Independent participants will be given fee’s and payment options by contacting us directly.